Quality gradation of stones

The quality of gem stone varies according to the intrusions in the stone, pit marks or smoothness on the surface, evenness in the shape, brightness in the color, coloration and how correctly it has been drilled. The sorting or grading is the most important and utterly crucial stage in the gemstone process. The gemstones are being sorted out from bets to commercial on the earlier stated quality points. Better is the quality of  gemstones higher will be the price. 

To simplify the issue, below is a quality gradation chart generally used in this trade. The gemstones offered on the Mushki's catalog are of Grade B, Natural and untreated, It is also known as Commercial grade. The grade B has good quality and at  reasonable price. For other better graded stones the customer should mention at the time of ordering and must agree to pay extra than the printed price on the catalog.


  Grade  Description
  Grade AAA  Very rare intrusion, even shape, smooth surface, bright coloration and beautifully drilled. Top quality and generally quite rare and is most expensive. Generally used for collection purpose.
  Grade AA  Rare intrusion, even shape, smooth surface, bright coloration and beautifully drilled. Best quality for the very highly prices jewelries, crowns, and valuable artifacts. It is highly priced stone.
  Grade A  Less intrusion, even shape, smooth surface, bright coloration and very nicely and properly drilled. Generally used for brooches, finger rings, and jewels for healing, zodiac stones and mystic purposes. It has also being used for cabochons, bezels and cut stones.
  Grade B  Also known as commercial grade. it has some intrusion, even shape, one or two pit marks on the surface,  but in general, a nice quality bead with good coloration with evenly and neatly drilled. It is very reasonably priced and best suits for beads, chips, fashion and costume jewelry purposes.
  Grade C  Noticeable intrusion with uneven shape, few pit marks on the surface, may not be as bright in coloration and drilled a bit off center. It is generally used for cheap jewelries and big artifacts, Utensils.
  Grade D Very noticeable intrusion with uneven shape, more pit marks on the surface, some uneven or poor coloration, poorly drilled or off-round. This is the last grade and never used for jewelries. generally used for other industrial or daily use.



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