Mushki's Discount Policy
  Hi !! Honorable Customer 
    It is our 8th successful year selling products on line and 11th year offline to you. In this tenure we got the opportunity to come close to several customers from all part of the world. All of them have different purchasing patterns. Seeing the nature of these fashion product and sensing the different needs of bulk discounts and in view of their purchasing habit mushki's introduces a customer friendly price structure.

The 'minimum order quantity' barrier is now passť  and "pay as per need, is introduced. There are three categories, namely '1-3', '4-12', and '13 and above' from where you can take from single piece to N number of pieces and pay accordingly.

Still we have an additional discount for our bulk purchasers, They can get an extra discount ( in addition to 13+ category) as per the following table

  For Bulk and Assorted designs
    The customers who purchases assorted designs from different categories, can get discounts on their total purchase amount.  
    Your selected Order value Discount What you pays is what you gain is
  3000.0 usd 5% 2850.0 usd 150.0 usd
  4000.0 usd 7% 3720.0 usd 280.0 usd
  5000.0 usd 10% 4500.0 usd 500.0 usd
  Note: Discounts can not be clubbed with other schemes